ProFit Gym Prestatiemodule

ProFit Gym Prestatiemodule

Business Value/ UX-prototype
Research, UX-Design, Application Design, Business, Prototyping, Data Analyses
Adobe Package, PHP, InVision

After a period in which the fitness-branch continued to grow, the market has matured. The competition increased and consumers are getting more critical. For that reason, it has become very important to keep costumers loyal. These findings drew the attention of the digital media agency 'Stijlbreuk' during the development of a vision for 'Profit Gym'. For my graduation, I studied the possibilities of increasing the costumer's loyalty by a digital product and/or concept.

This study resulted in two products. First, a research document was written to create a theoretical framework. Elements from this framework can be used by designers, marketers and gym owners within the fitness-branch to create value and achieve bigger customer loyalty.

Secondly, the framework was used to develop a concept for Profit Gym, which resulted in a clickable prototype. This prototype was presented to Stijlbreuk and ProFit Gym, and was received with great enthusiasm.

For more details about this project, I invite you to read my thesis (dutch).