Installation Art
Concepting, Research, Storytelling, Hardware Implimentation, Video Mapping
Arduino, Processing

We as human beings know life isn’t endless. We have the knowledge that the duration of life is limited, but at the same time we haven’t got any real knowledge about what’s awaiting us after this life. Passing away is something you only do once, a description from experience experts is impossible.

This is what makes death scary and mysterious, it brings up questions about the meaning of life and the truth about the hereafter. A phenomena of which actually have been many documented experiences are the near-death experiences. These stories share similarities, but also vary on religious and cultural topics.

The ‘Passage’-installation is a play on the magic of the near-death experience. The visitor finds out how it is to almost die in a multi-sensory, immersive experience. Here, the experience is stripped from any predefined or religious meaning. Despite of all the differences in the world, all humans are being born the same way and will also pass away the same. The energy that’s floating out of the body will be the resource for new life. It will make the area surrounding the visitor come to life. But is it really your time to go..?

‘Passage’ is an initiative of the VØID-collective, consisting of Peter ten Hoor, Danny Coenen, Martijn Mol, Rutger Kamerbeek and Sjoerd Jacobs. This collective is associated with the Fontys Future Media Lab.