Installation Art
Concepting, Research, Programming
Processing, Raspberry Pi

In this age of technologization and individualism, the view of our public space has drastically changed. While waiting or moving through these spaces our attention is often pointed at our smartphones instead of at each other. A simple ‘Hi’ to a stranger has become near extinct.

With Horizon, we tried to provoke these simple but beautiful small interactions with strangers. An interactive wall projection reacts as people walk past it. Spheres of light are attracted to the position of the passer-by, as if a gravitational pull is set and moved. When a second person enters the projection, both will notice the projection intensifies as they move towards each other.

When the two persons move close enough and stand next one another for a small conversation or interaction to take place, the projection will enter its final state. An explosion of spheres surround the couple; we did it! Contact has been made, the installation reached its goal!

Horizon was a project of four students ‘IT & Media Design’ of the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. While the project had the potential and interest of companies as the Greenhouse Group to have a fixed location, the project sadly never reached its final state due to an friendly break-up of the team after grading was over.